FSC Hires Washington Lobbyists for Adult Industry


FSC hires lobbying firm to counteract the actions of anti-porn crusaders

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is fighting the war on porn by hiring professional lobbying firm Clarity Consulting. Lobbyists Keith Nelson and Shawn Delaney have ties to both Republicans and Democrats, and have already begun work to address the scarcity of verifiable information about the adult industry. The issues that the lobbyists will be focusing on include proposed rollbacks of Section 230 protections, state and corporate censorship, obscenity prosecutions, and the attempts of individual states to legislate and restrict the rights of sex workers.

“[The] adult industry is still treated like a novelty act, not deserving of rights, or even access to the legislators whose salaries our taxes fund. I’m glad that we’re finally being listened to, but it shouldn’t be an uphill battle. We’re not only a billion-dollar industry, we’re a powerful and important cultural force — and at the vanguard of the battle for free speech. Washington may not expect to take us seriously, but they’re about to learn that they have to.” – Mike Stabile, FSC Director of Public Affairs