FSC Says COVID-19 Tests Not Yet Effective Against On-Set Transmission

Free Speech Coalition

FSC Says Production Hold Still In Place

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) states that COVID-19 testing is not effective in protecting against on-set transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). You can also find frequently ask questions about the production hold on their post. The FSC’s statement and mission is intended to keep our industry safe and healthy against COVID-19. Solo conent and those who share a residence with scene partners are exempt from the current shutdown restrictions.
This was the FSC’s statement:
“COVID-19 tests are not effective in guarding against on-set transmission of the coronavirus, and should not be used to determine on-set risk to talent and crew. The production hold called by FSC in March remains in effect until further notice. Regardless of the availability of testing, it is not yet safe to return to work.
As of now, COVID-19 tests only detect whether or not a person has the virus at the time of the test. Someone who initially tests negative for COVID-19 can be exposed to the virus in the hours and days after the test, and subsequently pass it on to scene partners and crew.
While a test can provide confirmation of diagnosis, and help slow the spread of the virus on a societal level, current COVID-19 tests are not useful in determining whether or not it is safe to shoot with a particular partner, or whether it is safe to shoot on a specific set on a specific date.
FSC has formed a COVID-19 Task Force of performers, producers, agents, and staff in order to establish the benchmarks that will determine when production can resume safely. We are working quickly to provide guidance for the industry and will be seeking input from the community as it develops.”