Frisk fan club platform confirms hack

Fan club site Frisk.Chat admits to data breach after being exposed my Mike South

It’s official: new fan club site Frisk has been hacked. First reported by Mike South yesterday (October 1,2020), the rumours were confirmed today when Frisk posted a statement to their @friskvip Twitter account:

Frisk set the permissions of the tweet so that no-one could reply directly to the tweet, presumably hoping to prevent performers from venting their grievances and derailing the “everything is fine” message of the announcement. Additionally, there is a screenshot of what appears to be ID photos floating around which allegedly is related to the breach, though Frisk maintains it is not real and is being used as a tactic by the alleged hackers. Frisk further tweeted:

Unfortunately for Frisk, their performers refused to cooperate. Several had already screenshotted the replies to Frisk’s first attempt at a Twitter announcement (which they deleted to re-post with the “reply” option disabled). The replies to those tweets include models struggling with receiving payouts, and several who have not been able to get Frisk to delete their accounts.

Full text of Frisk’s Twitter statement:

On 19th September we received an email threatening to leak Frisk data unless we paid a substantial amount of money to the individual. This of course, is extortion. From the information provided, we could not clarify that this was in-fact [sic] Frisk data. However, we took the threat seriously and went to the authorities immediately for advice.
We were advised by the authorities not to announce this threat until a thorough investigation had taken place. We have been undertaking the investigation ourselves alongside a number of authorities and specialists, since the day we were contacted.
We have not held this information back in an attempt to hide it but in an attempt to get to the bottom of things and confirm the facts before taking further action. We have just as much knowledge on this potential break, as anyone that has seen the suspects’ tweet. However, we have built a profile of evidence against the individual, which we cannot disclosure [sic] due to the ongoing investigation.
On Wednesday [Sept. 30, 2020], we sent a communication out to Frisk creators. This was a forewarning because the perpetrator threatened us further and took to Twitter, exposing the potential leak earlier than they initially indicated. (If you did not receive an email from us and you have checked your junk, please check the notifications on the Frisk site. As [sic] it is the same information.)
We take all our Customer/Creators personal security EXTREMELY seriously and want you to know we are doing everything we can.
As soon as we know more, we will reach out to Frisk Creators. Please keep an eye on your notifications.
Please be aware that the more the potential leak is publicised and the suspects [sic] twitter account is re-shared, the further this information could reach. Please be conscious of this in your posts.

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