Free Speech Coalition Hires D.C. Lobbying Firm for Adult Industry


FSC sets its sights on lobbying U.S. federal government and finance industry with hiring of lobbyists

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an adult industry advocacy group, has announced that it has retained the services of Clarity Consulting Inc., a D.C.-based government affairs firm, to lobby for the adult industry at a federal level. Clarity will represent the adult industry in discussions with legislators and regulatory agencies on a number of impending issues, including a spate of new bills threatening the rights and livelihoods of adult businesses and workers. Clarity will also work to ensure that members of the adult industry have fair and open access to banking and financial services.

“In the past six months, we’ve seen a wave of new, bipartisan legislation that could devastate our industry and our workers. We’re seeing Section 230 proposals on both the right and the left that would result in the wholesale de-platforming of adult businesses. We’re seeing anti-trafficking initiatives that target our banking access. We’re seeing calls for criminal investigations into legal adult businesses. We need to fight back.” – Michelle L. LeBlanc, FSC CEO