Onlyfans updates policy to allow nudity on free accounts


Models can now post nude content to their free Onlyfans accounts without requiring a payment to view it

Popular fan club platform Onlyfans has reversed its policy on nudity on free Onlyfans accounts. Previously, content posted to free Onlyfans profiles had to be non-nude/SFW (safe for work) unless sent as locked content to DMs or in the feed. Nudity is now permitted to be posted on free Onlyfans accounts without requiring a payment to unlock the nude content. The change was made quietly – as most Onlyfans policy changes have been – and likely in response to the fact that the rule was widely ignored, and a valid credit card is already required to view content on free Onlyfans accounts. There are a variety of ways to monetize a free Onlyfans account.



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