Fanclub Frisk Hacked!

Frisk fanclub hacked for the second time in a year

Fan club platform Frisk has confirmed that it has been hacked…again! Frisk was hacked back in October 2020, and on August 24, 2021 they confirmed that they had been hacked again. The “Browse” page where visitors can look at different Frisk creators was the most visible part of the attack, with profile pictures replaced by graffiti-style images. The Frisk team says that no creator IDs or bank details were exposed as part of the cyber attack, and that only public profile information was targeted. As of August 27, the Frisk site is still down, though a YouTube update video talking about the hack included details of upcoming site upgrades – indicating the platform plans to recover from the attack – and the Twitter account (@friskvip) says the site should be back up some time over the weekend. Concerned creators can contact Frisk at

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