FanCentro Offers DMCA Services


FanCentro Is Offering DMCA Services to Influencers Affected By Leak

FanCentro, will provide DMCA (copyright) protection for the next three months, for any affected influencer who works with them, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or signed up today. The DMCA firm we partner with searches for unauthorized uploads of your content on a wide variety of pirate sites and file-sharing sites, and issues legal takedown notices to the sites, Google and others. FanCentro also said: “This DMCA protection is a service we already provide to our top influencers, but given the gravity of the leak, we’re expanding the scope of our contract with in order to help limit the effect of the breach.”

How To Be Eligible:

-You must have an active FanCentro account.
-You must have made at least 20 sales in the last three days.
-If you’re new to FanCentro, you must activate your FC Feed and upload three pieces of content, and upload at least one video to Clips on FanCentro. This will put your content in a safe space where it can start to earn you money.
-If requested, you must be able to provide proof that you were affected by the recent leak.
Once you’re established on FanCentro, please contact our support team via live chat or send an email to They will help you get connected with DMCAForce and walk you through the process of reporting.

More Information On FanCentro

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