FanCentro Encourages Models to 'Donate Free Content'


FanCentro Encouraging Models to ‘Donate Free Content’ Admid Covid-19

With Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading all over the world, events are cancelled, millions of people are stuck in their homes. FanCentro is wanting their models to donate content to fans for free via clips on FanCentro. They just recently added clips to their site so this is a great way to draw attention to the new feature! They said this in their blog post : “Free??? Yes, you heard right. And don’t worry, this is going to be a huge benefit for you, too. How? Donating free content is not only great for getting fans to turn their free preview into a paid purchase, it’s also an extra way to get discovered by new fans!”

Benefits For You

Fans usually can’t stop with just a taste! Offering a bit of free content will entice your fans to buy even more!
Everyone loves a preview, so put your best content forward. That will help drive your clip sales, subscriptions, and DM unlocks.
Free content is the perfect way to pull new traffic and grow your fan base.
More follows! Fans have to follow your profile to see your free clips, so adding free content will practically guarantee that your follower count will rise!

How To ‘Donate’ Your Content

1. Go to the Clips section of your Admin Panel
2. Click ‘Add Clip’
3. Upload Clip
4. Click the “Share this clip for FREE to support users on Social Isolation” checkbox
5. The clip will now be available to anyone at home and YOU will be listed in the special directory!

More Information On FanCentro

Interested in becoming a FanCentro influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. FanCentro gives influencers the ability to monetize subscriptions and build a residual income. This is done in several ways. FanCentro is most known as a premium Snapchat platform. Influencers can also make money from premium Instagram and fanclub subscriptions. Plus, list all your networks and gain exposure through the FanCentro directory.