FanCentro Adds Direct Messaging To Platform

FanCentro DMS

FanCentro Adds DM Feature

FanCentro, a platform for premium Snapchat and fanclub subscriptions, has announced a new feature. There is now a direct messaging feature, complete with sending locked content, built directly into the platform. Use this new feature for promotion, as well as a new way to make money on FanCentro. Here’s all the information on the new feature.

How Direct Messaging On FanCentro Works

DMs on FanCentro are not only simple to use, but they also offer a ton of options to help you make bank. You can chat one-on-one with fans, send bulk messages, create bulk content, and you can even reach out to expired subscribers to give ’em a taste of what they’re missing. Fans are gonna feel super-special when they see you slide into their DM’s.

How DMs Work For Fans / Subscribers

On the fan side, DMs are pretty simple. They’ll get a notification on their account that they have a DM waiting. Then they can chat directly with FanCentro influencers, unlock content, or even send a tip! If you have DMs activated on your profile they can reach out to you first.

Sending Locked Content Via DMs

In addition to being able to better communicate and keep in touch with fans and subscribers, the new DM feature can also be monetized through sending locked content. The core concept is simple: The influencer is able to set a price on the direct message being sent. In order to unlock the content included in the DM, the FanCentro member must first pay to unlock it.

Here’s How FanCentro Suggest You Use DMs:

  • Send a bulk locked message to expired fans to show them how much you miss them.
  • Send unlocked content to your active fans one day, and then a locked message the next…we’re talking major FOMO.
  • How about a still from a steamy shoot for free, followed by the whole video for a price that you set?
  • Reverse it! Send a bulk message to tell all your fans that if they tip you they’ll receive a bonus pic or video!


More Information On FanCentro

Interested in becoming a FanCentro influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. FanCentro gives influencers the ability to monetize subscriptions and build a residual income. This is done in several ways. FanCentro is most known as a premium Snapchat platform. Influencers can also make money from premium Instagram and fanclub subscriptions. Plus, list all your networks and gain exposure through the FanCentro directory.