Exclusv.Life reveals a long list of updates for summer 2020

Fan club site Exclusv.Life adds interactive features based on model feedback

Fast-growing new fan club platform Exclusv.Life has been busy in quarantine! Not content to just work on their back-end workflow to speed up their already fast, free, no minimum, on-demand payout process, their developers have been tinkering with features that models have suggested changes and updates for. They have also teased an upcoming ranking/score feature that will be partially based on engagement, so get your followers liking and commenting on your posts to get an extra bump when that feature launches.

Exclusv.Life Summer 2020 Platform Updates

  • Stats for Public Profile Views: See how many views your profile is getting.
  • View Counter for Posts: How many times that post has been seen by visitors (locked or unlocked).
  • Post Comments and Likes: You, members and other creators can now like and comment on posts. Only members who can view that post can comment, but all comments are public. Comments can also be liked.
  • Added “Following” Timeline Feed: Members can follow their favorite creators and see their recent posts in a timeline style feed. Members can also like, comment, and subscribe directly from the Timeline page.
  • Onsite Notifications: See who has interacted with your content by clicking the bell icon while in your Creator Dashboard

    More Information On Exclusv.Life

    Interested in becoming an Exclusv.Life creator? You can either signup here or learn more about Exclusv.Life by checking out the link below. Exclusv.Life is a new premium social network that gives Creators the opportunity to earn from recurring subscriptions and paid posts. Exclusv.Life accepts all genders (female, male, transgender) and anyone eighteen or older can get started posting on the site.