Clips4Sale Webinar 8: Mental Health For Models With Kristel Penn

Clips4Sale Webinar

Clips4Sale Webinar 8: Mental Health For Models

Clips4Sale has announced the 8th webinar in the Clips4Sale Webinar Series. The webinar ha wrapped up, and the recap can be viewed here. Here’s some things covered in the webinar:
Re: record keeping
Therapists are required to retain a client’s records for a minimum of seven (7) years after the client’s discharge date or seven (7) years after a minor patient reaches the age of 18. The specific number of years may differ from state-to-state and licensure (e.g. licensed marriage and family therapist vs. Psychiatrist)
Re: seeing multiple therapists at the same time
There is nothing legally that prevents someone from seeing multiple therapists, but the therapist may have their own policies about it. As a client, it is your right to ask about their individual or group practice policy. Because of the nature of therapy, I think the general concern about seeing multiple therapists at the same time is how it could compromise a client’s quality of care. It may feel like a lot of management for a client to navigate these multiple relationships and the therapeutic work required for each. I think multiple therapists make sense in cases where a person has an individual therapist and sees someone else for couple’s counseling, or if a person has an individual therapist and a specialist, etc. That, to me, feels like the work with each therapist would be complementary to each other in a way that may help with the client’s goals. Regardless, I believe transparency is key in this situation. I recommend informing your therapist if you’re seeing someone else, if anything, so everyone is on the same page.

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