Clips4Sale Studio Admin Gets a Facelift


Clips4Sale takes steps towards more functional studio admin dashboard

Fetish clips site Clips4Sale has finally started to update their old, cluttered studio admin dashboard. The old studio admin page, which was a nightmare to use on mobile, had banner links on the main dashboard for important features – including the opt-in for sales incentives, and monitoring campaigns. The new admin features streamlined buttons, with banner links now available in the sub-menus under the main categories. Clips4Sale hasn’t quite relinquished their death grip on clutter, however: the banner links may be accessible under the main menu items, but many of the banners are still on the main page, as is Neil’s rather silly letter to studios and the links to tutorials that feature the old studio admin. Clips4Sale promises that this is merely the first step to a transformation of the studio admin page, but given the speed of their updates (custom clips are still MIA, years after they were teased), we’ll see when the second phase actually arrives.



More Information On Clips4Sale

Interested in becoming a Clips4Sale model? You can either signup here or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is a leading fetish clip site with great traffic and features. Although Clips4Sale is primarily fetish oriented, vanilla models and producers are welcome as well. Anyone 18+ can open up a studio, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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