Clips4Sale partners with Takedown Piracy

Clips4Sale partners with Takedown Piracy to digitally fingerprint content, provide DMCA services

As of July 1, 2020, fetish clip site Clips4Sale has partnered with the company Takedown Piracy to protect performers and studios from the scourge of online piracy. Clips4Sale has long had a “pirated content report form” available to studios, but very few people saw timely or successful removals using the previous system.
Clips4Sale’s new partnership aims to change that, promising digital fingerprinting technology that will be automatically applied to all studios, for all of their content both past and future. The report form will remain, and studios are encouraged to continue reporting instances of pirated content, as Takedown Piracy will now be handling the report forms.

From the announcement:

C4S knows, more than any site, that all fetish content deserves protection against piracy, no matter how big or small a studio may be. Unlike other sites, we have chosen to fingerprint and protect the entire C4S library. This reinforces yet again, our important commitment and investment in all our studios.
To achieve this, we have partnered with the industry leader, Takedown Piracy, in the fight against content piracy. Hated by content pirates, TDP is known for hunting down piracy throughout the Internet and fighting tirelessly. During the next 4 months, TDP will fingerprint all content found in the C4S library and will immediately start serving DMCA to infringers on studios’ behalves. We will not request takedowns from legitimate sites that you have uploaded your content. This is part of the benefit of the TDP service.
In addition to this automatic service, studios are also able to submit takedown requests via our Content Piracy Report form found in the admin dashboard.

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