Clips4Sale Offers 100% Payout To New Studios

Clips4Sale offers payout boost to new studios in effort to scoop up some of the creators abandoning Onlyfans

Major fetish clip site Clips4Sale is trying to position itself as a viable Onlyfans alternative by offering creators 100% payout until December 31, 2021 to switch platforms. Regular payout on clip sales on Clips4Sale is 60%. It is not clear whether this will be a link-based campaign where only purchases made through a special CID link will receive 100% payout, or if it is an automatic 100% payout on all sales (the announcement says “New SignUps bring your fans & get 100% commission”, which seems to indicate that the performer may have to use a special link to “bring their fans”).

Following some disgruntled comments under the Twitter announcement from studios that have been on Clips4Sale for years, the platform has promised that an end of year increased payout CID link-based promotion is coming for existing studios.

To get access to this promotional program with a new studio, email or call 1-877-557-4006 to get started.



More Information On Clips4Sale

Interested in becoming a Clips4Sale model? You can either signup here or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is a leading fetish clip site with great traffic and features. Although Clips4Sale is primarily fetish oriented, vanilla models and producers are welcome as well. Anyone 18+ can open up a studio, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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