Clips4Sale Closes Membership, Image, and DVD Sites


Clips4Sale is shutting down C4SLive, Images4Sale, and Videos4Sale

Fetish clip site Clips4Sale is ending several of its linked services and sites. For years, Clips4Sale studio owners have also been able to sell memberships to view their content through, and photo sets could be sold at Studios could also sell hard-copy VHS and DVDs at As of October 14, 2021 these 3 sites will be shutting down, and all traffic will be redirected to the Clips4Sale studio associated with the account (if there is one). Clips4Sale has stated that they hope to bring back streaming memberships and photo set sales in the future, integrated into the main Clips4Sale platform, but that they currently do not have plans to return to processing sales for DVD and VHS products.



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Interested in becoming a Clips4Sale model? You can either signup here or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is a leading fetish clip site with great traffic and features. Although Clips4Sale is primarily fetish oriented, vanilla models and producers are welcome as well. Anyone 18+ can open up a studio, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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