CET withdraws from FSC PASS testing program


Cutting Edge Testing withdraws from FSC Performer Availability Screening Services

Cutting Edge Testing (CET) announced via Twitter that it has withdrawn from the PASS program, effective immediately.

According to a statement provided to AVN, CET is leaving the program due to a disagreement with PASS regarding COVID testing and vaccination status. This is similar to the reasoning given for TTS leaving the PASS program in June of 2020. PASS released a statement via a Twitter thread shortly after CET’s announcement:

This morning, we learned by tweet that CET will no longer be uploading test results to the PASS database. This is concerning, but as a nonprofit organization dealing with for-profit labs, it was always a possibility. We’re disappointed in their move, which is unfair to performers. We’re working on immediate and long-term solutions. However, CET and TTS are still using the PASS Certified protocol, and it is currently safe to continue to test there. When labs pull out of the PASS database, they reject nonprofit industry oversight and performers and producers lose a central place to check availability. While this is a challenge, we use this to strengthen PASS, not abandon it. We are currently reaching out to discuss this with stakeholders and partners. We will update you as we have more information, and will be hosting a town hall meeting later this week to discuss the next steps.