Cam4's Group Show Contest February 2020


Cam4 Performers Get Ready for Another Contest

Cam4 set up a new contest starting February 24th and ending March 8th. Whoever wins the most chips from the sale of tickets for group shows, will be able to win one of the prizes. There are 20 prizes so even if you don’t get Top 5 you still you have a chance for prize money.

The Prizes:

1. $200
2. $150
3. $100
4. $80
5. $70
6. $60
7. $50
8. $40
9. $30
10. $30
11 – 14. $25
15 – 17. $20
18 – 20. $10

Rules of the Contest

-You MUST signup using Cam4’s form.
-Only broadcasters with approved accounts can participate.
-ONLY TOKENS FROM THE SALE OF GROUP SHOW TICKETS will be counted (from Monday February 24 to Sunday March 8, 2020).
-Tokens received during group shows will NOT be counted.
-A maximum of 3000 tokens will be counted for the same user (For example, if the same user, buying your tickets, spends for example 3,500 tokens, there will be a maximum of 3,000 tokens).
-Agreements between broadcasters and other acts of fraud are not authorized in order to alter the results of the competition.
-Registration will close on Monday March 2, 2020.

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