RIP End of Adobe Flash spells the end of Clips4Sale memberships


Clips4Sale’s membership site platform begins a slow death

The membership section of major fetish clip site Clips4Sale is being phased out. Previously, studios on Clips4Sale could choose to add clips to not just their regular studio, but to a C4SLive membership site. Unfortunately, the C4SLive platform was built entirely on Flash, and when Adobe announced in 2017 that they would stop supporting Flash in 3 years, the decision was made to leave C4SLive as it was, and not prepare a new platform for launch before the end of Flash. Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player on December 31, 2020 (the end of life, or EOL, date), and Adobe is blocking Flash content from running in Flash Player as of January 12, 2021. Most major internet browsers (including Chrome) are expected to stop Flash Player from running some time after the EOL date.

Clips4Sale plans to notify customers who use C4SLive that they are no longer offering support services for Flash-related site issues, and that there will be no refunds issued for problems that relate to Flash. C4SLive is now a “use at your own risk” platform, and it is up to both studios and customers to make their own choice on whether or not they wish to continue using it. C4S says they will be launching a new subscription streaming service “later this year” – but then again, they said that about custom videos several years ago, so without a firm date we’ll have to wait and see.

C4S claims that the Flash EOL will not affect the main site.

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