Blisss Goes Live In Beta

New site allows performers to sell on-site and promote off-site content

New platform Blisss has finally announced that its beta launch is ready to go! Previously, only invited creators were able to sign up for the platform, but the site is now open to all performers, and is also ready for members to sign up for accounts. Blisss offers 60% payout on fanclub earnings and 80% payout on everything else, as well as the ability to promote your content and live webcam performances on any other platform. Blisss is also promoting “cashback” for members, though there is no explanation on whether or not this is an affiliate program or a one-time credit intended to sign up new members.

“I can interact with fans on Blisss, sell them specific content hosted on the platform, promote the same or different content on other platforms and automatically show them when I’m streaming live on any of the major cam networks. I get organic traffic, I can promote other creators for free or for a fee, and even access and share opinions with them over potential new clients, so I know in advance if it’s worth doing business with them. It’s an unprecedented approach that makes my job easier and my business more profitable.” – Corii Siren, Blisss Brand Ambassador

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