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BentBox wants models to create promo videos for free to use in advertising campaign

Content sales site BentBox is asking models to submit videos talking about their experience selling on BentBox as part of a new advertising campaign. Videos must be filmed in 1080p HD and uploaded to a “box”, then email the box link to for potential inclusion in the advertising campaign. BentBox is telling models that participating in the campaign will increase traffic to their profile, thereby increasing sales, but since the video topics they are asking for are very targeted towards potential sellers and not buyers, it seems doubtful that customers will be flocking to the site. BentBox is also asking “influencers” who have a “popular channel or social media page” to contact them for paid promotion opportunities and referral program setup.

For more information, please visit the BentBox announcement.


More Information On BentBox

Interested in becoming a BentBox model? You can either signup here or learn more about BentBox by checking out the link below. BentBox is a site for selling photo content, videos and other media types. BentBox supports both mainstream and adult content and is very popular with glamour models. Various types of media can be organized into “boxes”. There’s also a clip store for individual video sales.
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