AWSummit splits from AWMedia, names Roxana Chirila CEO

AWMedia spins off popular European adult industry event AWSummit into new company, names former Event Director as CEO and co-owner

AWMedia, the parent company behind AWSummit, has announced that they have spun off the popular B2B event into its own company. Roxana Chirila, the former Event Director for AWMedia, has been named the CEO and co-owner of the new AWSummit organization. Roxana had previously organized the 2019 event, as well as creating and launching the AWMeetup online events in April 2020. The AWSummit, an annual adult industry event that takes place in Europe, had to be rescheduled twice in 2020 due to COVID-19, before eventually being postponed until June 2021.

“With no show to organise this year, we had a lot of time to focus on old and new projects. AWMedia has many projects and services…and some of them are starting to bear fruits and need extra focus.
Roxana was in charge of the successful 2019 show, and did an amazing job preparing for AWSummit 2020. She also came up with AWMeetup that she executed awesomely. [..]I’m honoured to bring Roxana to the owner side of AWSummit.” – Alexandru Gheorghe, AWMedia owner

“I’m looking forward to take full responsibility of the AWSummit show that has been so important for our industry for over seven years. “I’m looking forward to leading our show in Mamaia and to start the progress in moving AWSummit to Bucharest for 2022.
I’m very grateful for the trust and confidence Alex is showing me to manage this project by myself and with my own team. I’m welcoming this partnership with great excitement and can’t wait to show everyone how our plans for 2021 will look like.” – Roxana Chirila, AWSummit CEO and co-owner