AWSummit Postpones Romania Event Until 2021


AWSummit Postpones Their Romania Event Until 2021

The AWSummit has decided to postpone it’s Romania summit till 2021, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Originally the summit had been postponed to the end of August. Dates for the 2021 event will be announced later. Organizers will honor all tickets already sold for the 2020 edition at next year’s event, 2021. For direct inquiries contact to
A AWSummit Representative Said: “We feel it’s going to be a long time before we can safely gather over 1,500 people in one location in Romania. Romania is taking every measure possible to open safely, but as in many other countries, both restaurants and clubs are the last ones on the list.””The situation is still unclear and the president of Romania has said that he will not hesitate to close down the country again if the number of infected people rises again,” “Traveling without being put in quarantine is also an issue that needs to be taken into consideration.”