APClips Revamps Their Site


APClips Revamps Their Site, Calling It APClips 2.0

Clipsite APClips announced the have re-designed their site, on their 5 year anniversary, calling it APClips 2.0. They’re goal was to not just modernized it, but also to encourage exploration for users. APClips Said: “We think AP Creators will see a higher interaction rate than ever before, and AP Members will find more fantastic content and Creators than they ever knew was possible.” More on their re-design and new features below!

Mobile Friendly

They designed the new site mobile-first, so users on mobile will get the best APClips experience. Model profiles have a toolbar, the site-wide menu is faster and easier to use, buttons are larger, and every feature on the site is available just as easily from your phone as from your desktop.

All Types Of Creators

They have always allowed users to toggle on/off which AP Creator types to include when searching for videos and photosets, but not for the various Creators listing pages. Also, the panel for toggling creator types wasn’t the easiest thing to find. Now, you can set your preferences for which AP Creator types to show in any search across the whole site! They set a cookie for you whenever you change your preference, but you can click “Update Results” to have them apply immediately to whatever you’re searching for.

Detailed Search Filters

From the AP Creators, Videos, or Photosets page, you’ll get access to a number of added filters to really drill down and find just what you’re looking for. If you’re an AP Creator, now is a good time to re-visit your profile to add all sorts of details about yourself and let users find you by all the things that make you unique.

Custom Request Board

Now AP members can broadcast their custom video requests for the entire AP Creator community to browse! This will bring a LOT more business to those of you who want to shoot customs. See who’s asking for what, and start a conversation with just one click! As an added benefit : only Members who have made paid transactions with us are allowed to post to the board, so you know you’re talking to someone who’s not afraid to pay for their porn.

Saved Searches

For any search you perform on their site, you can click to save it for later and pull it up with a single click. Every query, filter, and setting is stored with your saved search so you don’t have to keep clicking the same buttons over and over again to get exactly what you want.

Site-Wide Search

A single click to the search icon in the menubar brings up our new Site-Wide Search modal. From here you can search AP Creators, AP Videos, and AP Photosets. Click outside the search box and it disappears in a snap.

Member Library Search

For AP Members, your library is now searchable. You can type any partial title or description into the search box and it filters everything instantly – no page refresh required! It works for videos, BTO videos, photosets, and attachments.

More Information On APClips

Interested in becoming an APClips model? You can either signup here or learn more about APClips by checking out the link below. APClips is an adult clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome, and anyone 18+ can get started as a model. Make money from videos, photo-sets and custom content requests.