APClips adds progressive payouts up to 80%


APClips adds 3 payout tiers of 65-80% dependent on sales revenue

Content sales site APClips has announced that they are offering increased payouts on a tiered system based on sales. Their base rate remains 65% (one of the better rates available for clip sites), but they have added two new increased payout tiers based on sales. These new tiers apply to earnings from videos, bundles, tips, customs, photo sets, and PTV messages, and do not apply to AP Fan Club, which pays out at 80% for everyone. The new payout tiers take effect on October 1, 2020 and are based around the biweekly pay periods.

New APClips Payout Rates

  • Creators selling $0-$149.99 during the 2 week pay-period will be paid at the 65% base payout rate.
  • Creators selling $150+ during the 2 week pay-period will be paid at the new 75% “premium” payout rate.
  • Creators selling $800+ during the 2 week pay-period be paid at the new 80% “super-premium” payout rate.

There will be a status bar on your Creator Dashboard to help you easily see your progress towards the next payout tier. Additionally, if you qualify for a premium payout rate during a given pay period, the premium payout rate will also be applied to any unpaid balances carrying forward from previous periods. Previous balances do not count towards the qualifying threshold, but will be paid out at whichever payout level you qualify for during the current period. For example, if you sold $50 last pay period (leaving a $50 unpaid balance in your account), but then sold $150 during the current period, you would qualify for the premium 75% payout rate which would be applied to the entire $200 balance.
For more information on the new tiered payout system, check out the APClips blog, where they have a very detailed post outlining the thinking behind the changes, and teasing upcoming promotional events.

More Information On APClips

Interested in becoming an APClips model? You can either signup here or learn more about APClips by checking out the link below. APClips is an adult clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome, and anyone 18+ can get started as a model. Make money from videos, photo-sets and custom content requests.