APAG DMCA Webinar with Takedown Piracy (June 6, 2021)

APAG and Takedown Piracy join forces for free webinar about DMCA and content theft

DMCA takedown service Takedown Piracy is a guest on the next Adult Performance Artists Guild (APAG) webinar, taking place on June 6, 2021 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time. The webinar will not only help content producers understand the nuances of the DMCA, but also provide some of the best ways to capitalize on the DMCA, to protect their hard-earned revenue.

“Many of our members often face issues with their content being stolen. They have questions about not only the process, but the technology behind digital fingerprinting. We are so thankful for the work TDP does, and we are excited to have this webinar for our members.” – Alana Evans, APAG President

“We’ve heard so much misinformation and seen or heard of such bad practices surrounding Content Protection and Copyright Enforcement. Helping people really understand this arena is our way of giving back to our industry and helping combat the rampant theft that is piracy.” – Reba Rocket, TDP VP of Marketing and Communication