AmateurPorn Is Rebranding To APClips (Starting September, 2019)


AmateurPorn Is Rebranding To APClips

Adult clip site AmateurPorn is rebranding to APClips. The migration will be taking place sometime between late Sunday afternoon on Sept 1st and Tuesday evening on Sept 3rd. Here’s all the details on the rebrand.

All AmateurPorn Pages Will Redirect

All your AmateurPorn links will automatically be redirected to their corresponding APClips urls, so all your legacy links will forward seamlessly. You don’t need to change or update anything.

  • Since the site structure of APClips is identical to AmateurPorn, it’s a very simple redirect.
  • All your logins will remain the same as they were on
  • All your sales data, and all customer transaction records will remain intact.


All Auto-Tweets Will Continue

In addition, your auto-tweets will continue to function perfectly without needing to re-authorize or change anything on your end.

Why AmateurPorn Is Rebranding

As AP has grown, the term “Amateur” is no longer an accurate description of many of AP’s content creators, and they did not wish to insult or inaccurately categorize any of their creators in this manner.
AmateurPorn also realized that the term “Porn” was perhaps not entirely inclusive of and might even be alienating to many creators who did not consider “porn” to be an accurate description of their content, such as creators of softcore erotica, glamour, or non-nude content.
Additionally, the term “Porn” was not very well-received by services like Gmail when it came to delivering AP email notifications to creators and customers, and was looked at less than favorably by Twitter and Instagram, with their shadow-banning nonsense and whatnot.
They also feel that “APClips” is far more brand-able internationally than “AmateurPorn”, which they think is an important long-term consideration for international creators and their fans.
Most importantly, over the past year or so, several AP creators had told AP that the AmateurPorn name was making them hesitant to promote heavily on their social media or use it as their default clip site, as it was “too hard’” to fit well with their own personal brands. When AP began asking around, many other content creators in the community echoed these sentiments. After taking an informal poll of around 20 members of the AP creator community, the preference for a move to APClips was unequivocal and unanimous.
Additionally, when they polled 200 random AP customers on the subject, the vast majority voted that they would be more comfortable with a less-explicit more innocuous name.

Minimal Downtime Expected During Migration

AmateurPorn expects to “flip the switch” sometime between late Sunday afternoon on Sept 1st and Tuesday evening on Sept 3rd. When they do this, AmateurPorn will probably be taken down for about 3-4 hrs in order to accurately copy the database to APClips, after which AmateurPorn will begin re-directing any inbound traffic to corresponding APClips urls. In order to avoid confusion, notices will be placed on APClips informing everyone of the transition.

More Information On APClips

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