All OnlyFans Models Must Re-Verify

OnlyFans switches verification process to Netverify / Jumio, requires all accounts to re-verify

Fan club site OnlyFans is requiring all performers to re-verify their accounts through a new third-party verification service in order to continue posting and earning on the site. Models were not contacted via DM or email, instead discovering the notification of required verification on their “Earnings” page. Upon clicking the button, performers will be redirected to the external verification service. Have your ID ready, and you will have to either take or upload photos of the front and back of your ID document. You will also have to submit a photo of your face within a certain frame. Once you have submitted the photos, Netverify / Jumio will automatically process the images and then accept or reject your submission. If rejected, you must try again, as verification is required to continue using OnlyFans.



More Information On OnlyFans

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