AdultNode: Sell Photos / Videos and PayPal Purchases


New AdultNode Features: PayPal and Sales

AdultNode, a porn-friendly social network, as announced some exciting new features. The big one is that AdultNode now supports content sales. AdultNode tokens can now be purchased using PayPal as well. Here’s all the details on the new features.

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Sell Photo / video Content

AdultNode models are now able to sell individual posts containing video and/or one or more pictures to their fans and followers.  All you need to do is input a price in the publisher and the post will be locked until someone pays for it. It will also only be visible for the users that pay.
If you do not see the price input field, it’s because you haven’t uploaded a photo or video yet. Once you have done that, the field will become visible.

Buy AdultNode Tokens With PayPal

AdultNode members can also now use PayPal to purchase AdultNode credits.

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