AdultNode: Updated Affiliate Program, Crowdfunding


New AdultNode Features: Sept, 2019

AdultNode, an adult-friendly social network, has announced two new features for the month of September, 2019. The first is a crowdfunding system that works on a post-level. The other is changes to their affiliate program. Here’s what is new with the site!

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Crowdfund / CrowdPay Feature

CrowdPay is a new feature that allows you to ask the community to chip in before your content is released – or you can use it to ask the community for help to raise money. Either way, the AN crowd gets to decide if your are worthy.

Changes To The Affiliate Program

AdultNode has also made changes to their affiliate program / referral program. Previously, AdultNode offered five cents on every free registration. Under the new affiliate program, affiliates will earn $4.99 for every referred account that upgrades to a VIP account.

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