Adult Producers: Make Money From Custom Content Requests

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Models: Make More Money With Custom Content Requests

Custom content requests is a great way to make additional revenue. custom videos go for a much higher selling price than prerecorded clips do. Best of all, custom content can be resold as a prerecorded video, or be left exclusive for an insanely healthy markup. Custom requests also work great for brainstorming new content ideas. The custom request is obviously for something you don’t currently offer in the clip store, or else the customer would have just bought the pre-existing clip. Here’s all the information on custom content requests.

Custom Videos Sell For More Than Prerecorded Clips

Custom content requests go for much more than pre-recorded videos. MUCH more. That is because of the time and effort that goes into the customs. If the customer wants to be the only one with access to the custom content, the exclusiveness is another extra markup that’s usually to the tune of a couple hundred dollars (although that premium markup is completely up to you). Depending on the agreement and the type of content, the customs can also be sold as recorded clips after the transaction.

How To Price Custom Adult Clips

This might vary drastically from performer to performer. This is something that might even vary based on what is being requested. For example; if it requires a lot of planning or the performer needs to purchase specific items for the production, it’ll have a much higher sticker-price when compared to something that doesn’t require all that work, planning or purchasing.
Base-Fee / Per-Minute / Price-Modifiers: Generally, performers will have a base fee. What this fee looks like is completely up to you. Then there will be a price-per-minute (after being edited down) and price-modifiers based on what is being requested. If they’re requesting some real heavy fetishes, that will be accounted for in the price-modifiers. Many performers resell customs, while others offer customers the option of keeping it 100% exclusive (not resold). This usually is a couple hundred dollars.
How Quickly The Product Is Wanted: There might also be price modifiers based on how fast the customer wants you to fulfill the custom content request. Within 24 hours? Might not even be possible, if you don’t have all the required props or the custom requires a lot of prep and setup. If it is possible? That’s going to be one expensive clip. One week? Two weeks? There might be a different charge for those different deadlines as well.
Pricing Is Ultimately Up To You: But remember, how you price out your custom content requests is entirely up to you. Everything listed above are just guidelines and certain criteria that performers use in their custom pricing. You can get really creative on how you do your own prices.

Reselling Customs As Prerecorded Videos

The great thing about custom content is that it can be resold as a prerecorded clip. There are tons of performers out there who have resold custom content as their best performing clips. Sometimes, a customer requests something that you might not have thought up organically, and that particular theme or idea might be a big seller. If you’re reselling the custom content, it’s important to be upfront and honest about your intents. There are customers out there that expect that they’re the only ones that have the custom they ordered. If you want to go this route, you can charge a healthy upmark (couple hundred dollars) to never resell the content.
If you are planning on reselling the custom clips, you’re going to have to make sure that there’s no personalization. For example; if the customer wants you to keep saying his name throughout the clip, it would be weird if you were trying to resell that clip after the fact. If someone wants a personalized clip, let them know that they’ll have to pay to keep the clip exclusive, which is going to be much more expensive.

Custom Content Requests Help Build Up Your Clip Store

One of the greatest things about custom content requests is that it helps build up your clip store. Anyone shooting you a custom request is looking for something that you are not currently offering. Maybe it’s an entirely new fetish you’re not catering to. Maybe it’s just something real specific and detailed. Either way, you don’t currently have the exact video the customer wants, or else they’d just buy the prerecorded video. Once the custom is produced, you’ll have that type of content and be able to cater to anyone else who is looking for that exact clip.

Sites For Accepting Custom Content Requests

Here’s a list of clip sites that support custom content requests.

ManyVids: Leading Adult Clip Site

ManyVids is a leader in adult clip sites, boasting the best traffic, percentages and features. ManyVids allows the selling of pre-recorded clips, as well as a feature for customers to ask for custom content, and for performers to accept the jobs. In addition to clips and custom clips, models can also make money offering a wide range of services. Get paid from phone sex, tributes and through custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything.
Information For ManyVids Models

iWantCustoms: Custom Clips Powered by iWantEmpire

iWantClips has a custom content functionality built into their site, called iWantCustomClips. iWantClips is a leading fetish clip store with great payouts and traffic. iWantClips is part of the iWantEmpire umbrella, which also includes iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. Through iWantEmpire, models are able to offer a wide range of services ranging from clips to phone sex.
Information For iWantClips Models

SideDaddy: Clips, Customs and Fanclub Subscriptions

SideDaddy is a clip store, as well as a premium fanclub platform. Models are able to sell their videos as well as monthly subscriptions to access the content. SideDaddy supports custom content requests. Models are even able to indicate their pricing for extra options and include it directly on their profile page.
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BentBox: Adult-Friendly Marketplace Specializing In Glamour

BentBox is a platform for selling content. Content is bundled into “Boxes”. These boxes could contain any mixture of photos, videos and other media. This is different than other clip sites where it’s either a video or photo gallery. Multiple videos can also be included in a single box. BentBox was designed more for glamour modeling, but accepts hardcore / porn as well. Sellers offering customs will have a message (linking to a contact form) displayed on their profile.
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