About WCSU News


WCSU News is a news platform bringing you news on recent updates in the independent sector of the adult industry. While there are other credible sources for adult news – many are not specifically focused on independent performers. As the foundational writers and creators of a resource completely dedicated to the independent performers (Webcam Startup) we found the lack of a news resource for the average performer looking for easy to consume and “need to know” information to be unacceptable, which lead to the creation of WCSU News! 

Our dedicated team is composed of independent performers that research current events and happenings in the adult industry daily to bring you relevant news specifically tailored to independent camming models, clip creators, phone sex operators, fan club owners, and more! 

Our Team:


Aerie Saunders: CEO / Owner

Aerie Saunders is the CEO of WCSU News and Webcam Startup, she has been in the adult industry since 2015 and specializes in covering new industry trends. She is a cam model, clip producer, and wears many other hats in the adult industry. She prioritizes sharing important news with her community.

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Katy Churchill: Staff News Writer

Katy Churchill is a passionate adult industry professional who specializes in Skype Shows and Fetish Clip Production but is well acquainted with all niches within the indie adult industry. When she isn’t on cam or filming clips she’s finding important news to share with our audience, sharing information with her community, or researching breaking news. (Also, watching baseball.)

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