About Camland Podcast


The Camland Podcast was founded in November 2017 by Webcam Startup. The team over at Webcam Startup decided that sharing news via video and audio would be a more personal experience and help to deliver the news in a palatable format for everyone. Originally referred to as the Webcam Startup Podcast – we rebranded to the Camland Podcast as we cover all of the indie news in what is often referred to as “Camland.”

We quickly gained a reputation for our honest (and unapologetic) dialogue. While many of the other adult industry outlets are PR-driven, we brought in a lot of different opinions and discussed things without filters. We offer a version of the Camland Podcast that is only news based with no opinions, just facts! We also have pioneered the WCSU Webinar which allows our team to continue our honest and hard hitting dialogue covering current news as well as trends and common themes in the indie industry.

We’ve also featured a wide range of guest speakers from companies such as ManyVids, JustForFans, YNOT, SpankChain and more.

Although we have turned the Camland Podcast into a standalone entity for news, we are very much fueled and powered by our founding site: Webcam Startup. The teams for both projects are interchangeable and focus on helping indie adult industry members learn and stay informed!

Our Team:

Aerie Saunders: CEO / Owner

Aerie Saunders is the CEO of Camland Podcast and Webcam Startup, she has been in the adult industry since 2015 and specializes in covering new industry trends. She is a cam model, clip producer, and wears many other hats in the adult industry. She prioritizes sharing important news with her community.

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Nathan Hammond: Founder / Web Management

Nathan Hammond got his start in freelance marketing and specializes in SEO. Although not active in the adult industry, he specializes in adult affiliate marketing and used his tech knowledge to bring Webcam Startup and Camland Podcast to life.

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Katy Churchill: Staff News Writer

Katy Churchill is a passionate adult industry professional who specializes in Skype Shows and Fetish Clip Production but is well acquainted with all niches within the indie adult industry. When she isn’t on cam or filming clips she’s finding important news to share with our audience, sharing information with her community, or researching breaking news. (Also, watching baseball.)

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Webinar Regulars:

Alec Hardy


Greg Busyman


Kari Anthony / Platinum Puzzy