2021 Transgender Erotica Awards pre-nominations close Nov. 13, 2020

Pre-nominations are now open for the 2021 TEAs

Pre-nominations for the 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs) are now open. Pre-nominations can be submitted directly through the TEAs website before the submission period closes on November 30, 2020. The 2021 event is presenting some interesting challenges for the TEAs organizers, but they have vowed to proceed with the one and only awards show dedicated to the accomplishments of performers and producers in the trans adult industry.

“We don’t know what format the show will take (we have it penciled in at the Bardot in March). Right now the options are a full live performance or as usual, a show with vastly reduced attendance, or an online-only show. This is out of our hands at this point, so we are proceeding as usual and opening up our pre-nominations anyway.
This year presents another issue in the gathering of nominations. Production has been mostly shut down for much of the year. There have barely been any new releases on DVDs, many of the sites were on reduced schedules and some weren’t shooting at all. We are, however, eager to see the pre-nominations that come through this year so we can pare it down for our panel of judges.” – Kristel Penn, TEA Executive Producer