2021 AltPorn Awards Nominations Open (closes March 16, 2021)

Nominations now open for 2021 AltPorn Awards

The AltPorn Awards are returning to the online streaming format for the 2021 AltPorn Awards on May 28, 2021. Nominations are now open in all 36 categories for works that were released in 2020. The deadline for nominations is 11:59pm CST on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. The AltPorn Awards recognize excellence in alternative erotica, including performers with body modifications, cosplayers, nerds, punks, ravers, goths, and more.

To nominate your favorite alt companies and performers, please visit the AltPorn Awards website.

2021 AltPorn Awards Categories

  • AltPorn Hall of Fame
  • Best Webcam site for alternative cams
  • Best AltPorn Membership Site – Multi-Performer/Community
  • Best Solo Performer AltPorn Membership Site
  • Best Clip site for Indie Clip Artists
  • Best Female Performer of the Year
  • Best Male Performer of the Year
  • Best Feature AltPorn Video
  • Best Gonzo AltPorn Video
  • Best Modern Burlesque
  • Best Alternative Erotica Photographer
  • Best Cam Model of the Year
  • Best Clip Artist of the Year
  • Best Alt Magazine (that isn’t AltStar Magazine)
  • Best Alt Visual Arts Book of the Year
  • Best Sex Toy
  • Best Butt Toy
  • Best Tech Toy
  • Best Tech Innovation
  • Best Free AltPorn Site (that isn’t AltPorn.net)
  • Best Cam Creativity
  • Best Gothic Cam
  • Best Rave Cam
  • Best Modified Cam Girl
  • Best Punk Cam
  • Best Nerd Cam
  • Best 420 Cam
  • Best Cosplay Cam
  • Best Toys Clip Artist
  • Best Cosplay Clip Artist
  • Best Inked Clip Artist
  • Best Punk Shoot
  • Best Gothic Shoot
  • Best 420 Shoot
  • Best Cosplay Shoot
  • Best Rave Shoot